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     Thanks to Carpet Cleaning Brimsdown, my place is in a state that I've never seen it in before. Their house cleaners did wonders to the state of my property and for that, I'm extremely thankful.
K. Nawcross19/05/2020
     This is, hands down, the best cleaning company. The cleaners are friendly and good at what they do. They will be my go-to cleaning service from here on out.
Matt Eckley19/09/2019
      Carpet Cleaning Brimsdown seriously can't do enough to help their customers, even when I called up with a minor complaint their service was first class and the cleaners are superb as well.
Denise Nicholas22/01/2018
     I've recently moved into a new house with my partner, before that I was living in a rented apartment. I have to admit I'm quite disorganised in general, and probably left my preparation for moving way too late! With one day to get the end of tenancy cleaning done, I hired Brimsdown Cleaning Company. Their service was fantastic, and got everything looking good as new much faster than I had expected. I was able to carry on packing and planning, and by the time the landlord came round it was like I'd never been there at all! Cheers everyone!
Harry F.21/12/2015
     My daughter recently moved to an apartment next to ours. She was, however, shocked to see that the previous tenant had left the house in a terrible state. The carpets were stained and looked dated. I suggested her to call up Carpet Cleaning Brimsdown. Their cleaners were able to revive the carpet and eliminate all the stains. My daughter's house looks more welcoming now. Thank you, team!
Mrs Andrea C.19/08/2015
     I am truly awed at how clean my house looks now - and all thanks to Brimsdown Cleaning Services! They sent in the best cleaner I have ever seen! She was very polite and friendly, she was thorough in the house cleaning itself and she was very, very attentive to details too! Add this to amazing prices and the company is just great!
     As a working mum with a toddler I don't have any time to myself or to see friends. That's why I recently hired the cleaning services of Brimsdown Cleaning Services who take care of all my house chores! I can now relax knowing my home is not only looking clean, but is hygienic and a safe environment for my child. I even have the time to meet my girlfriends for a coffee on a Saturday morning thanks to the dedicated and reliable cleaners! Brilliant service!
     Both my partner and I knew that we had to do something to balance the fact we recently adopted and were struggling with the additional cleaning and change to our normal routine. The most amazing thing about Brimsdown Cleaning Services is that you weren't just trying to sell us your services, or trying to rush me through my explanation of what we needed, but you were actually interested in hearing me out! So for this, and the top rate job you do in our home I am very grateful and always will be! You have improved the atmosphere a great deal!
Sienna Q.23/10/2014
     Having the floors cleaned professionally is incredible. I have had concrete flooring in the house, as it looks amazing, but it always gets dull and can be scratched quite easily, because of the finish. I have Brimsdown Cleaning Services round every few months to buff the floors, and to ensure that they look their best, getting rid of any marks and the like. It always pays off, as they are great at ensuring that the marks are all gone, and the scratches are removed, which means that they basically look brand new again, amazing!
Jonathan Peterson31/07/2014
     Having used cleaners all my adult life, I am happy to say I have finally found the perfect company in Brimsdown Cleaning Services. You never really analyze your cleaner that hard until you realize you have a problem, and then when the right team come along, you find that they do everything a lot better than the previous services. This lot are excellent value, as their rates are affordable, whilst their service is really very, very good. I am extremely happy to recommend them to anyone and everyone that I know, including all those reading this now!
Louis Ward07/01/2014

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